What to Drink This Weekend: Forgotten Edge at Winsome

Even without its liquor license, which it didn't have for the first few months it was open, Echo Park's uber hip Winsome had some dynamite beverages. Most notably the daily aguas frescas, which are not your average taqueria variety. Made with fresh seasonal fruits, house milks and more - ...

Craving Cactus: Dishes make succulent star of the plate

At first glance, El Jefe's nopales tacos might not look like a vegetarian dish. At the center of each sits a deep fried fingerling, appearing more like a classic Baja fish taco than an entrée for meatless Mondays. But encased inside the eggless tempura, you won't find a flaky white filet.

California Love: Your SoCal Getaway Guide | Wine Enthusiast Magazine

For the more than 20 million people who live in and around Los Angeles and San Diego, it's never been easier to slip away for an overnight adventure that combines good eats, great drinks and stylish settings.


One of my favorite go-tos for any bash is Ventura Spirits, a distillery located in Ventura County that specializes in sourcing local ingredients like prickly pear, strawberries, and sage. This drink is perfect for warmer months, as it's refreshing and has a touch of sweet.

Around Town: Cocktails at Laszlos Bar - Craft and Cocktails

The Mission district in San Francisco has always been an ever evolving part of the city. For better or for worse, change is inevitable in our city by the bay. One change that recently took place in this gem of a neighborhood was the new renovation of Laszlos.

The Walker Inn Has a Climate-Themed Cocktail Menu Now - Los Angeles Magazine

Rice Paddy cocktail complete with rolling fog. Photograph by Katie Hoss It goes way beyond the Hurricane and Dark and Stormy If you haven't already been to Koreatown cocktail bar Walker Inn, it's the one in the back of Normandie Club that features one of the most unique cocktail programs in L.A.

12 California Distilleries to Watch

If you're a fan of craft spirits, it's been hard to miss the industry's explosive growth in recent years. Much like the craft brewing scene two decades ago, small-batch distilleries have been popping up all over the country in unprecedented numbers.

A Refreshing Gin Cocktail Inspired by Ojai, California - Rip & Tan

A bright, refreshing cocktail that isn't too sweet is such a nice complement to an afternoon spent outdoors in the summer. And because you want to relax and enjoy your friends and family, it shouldn't take too long to make. That's where the Tangerine Fizz comes in.

12 facts you didn't know about Ventura, CA

HALFWAY BETWEEN LA and Santa Barbara lies the coastal city of Ventura. It starts at the top of the steep Ventura foothills and winds its way down to the Pacific, overlooking Channel Islands National Park. The city is reputed - among those in the know, that is - for its epic surf conditions, its nearly endless green space, and its 10,000-year history.

Adventures in eating at the Blind Pig

For nearly four years, The Blind Pig has been an open secret. Located in Rancho Santa Margarita, the speakeasy-style gastro pub isn't exactly easily accessible by much of Orange County, nor is it in what might be considered a diner's paradise.

Gins, vodkas and distilling the distinct taste of California

These days, it seems like there are craft brewers in every city in California, batching up hoppy IPAs, crisp lagers, and dark-chocolate stouts. But as the market for local beer becomes more saturated, and the novelty of the industry wears off, some are wondering: What's the next up-and-coming, trend-setting drink?

Food Lover's Guide to Ojai

There's something special about Ojai. The beautiful valley enclave tucked in along the Topa Topa mountains in Ventura County is a haven for artists, spiritualists, spa-goers, golfers, hikers, nature lovers and anyone who loves a fantastic Ojai Pixie tangerine (they're everywhere, served ...

Terroir in every glass

Fresh juice, house infusions and locally distilled spirits abound in bars throughout the area - and thus Azu's "farm fresh tapas, craft cocktails, local wine and beer" are hardly revolutionary. What the Ojai restaurant lacks in originality, however, it more than makes up for in style and execution.

Ventura Spirits, Crafting the Flavors of California | Bevvy

In the wine industry, you often hear the term terroir. It refers to the environmental effects on a grape grown in a particular region-temperature, sunlight, humidity, and soil acidity, among others-that give it a distinct, recognizable character. In short, great wine tastes like the land it comes from.

Where to Drink Rose-Infused Cocktails From Coast to Coast

Instead of giving roses, toast with them.


Change. Tension. Duality. These are the themes in the latest dispatch from The Collective Quarterly, which traces a right triangle along California's central coast between Santa Barbara, Ojai, and Ventura.


Top 20: Cheers to 2015's Most Memorable Cocktails - Los Angeles Magazine

Gracias Madre's Up in Smoke Photograph courtesy of Gracias Madre It was a landmark year for drinking in L.A. You thought 2014 was a stellar year for drinking in L.A., but 2015 easily surpassed it.

Strong Spirits for the Holidays

Santa has it hard, children. If you believe he visits all the houses around the world in one night, realize that it's a task as tricky as completing the torturous drive west on the 10 freeway from Santa Monica to downtown on a Friday night under 20 minutes.

The Larchmont's mixologist keeps it fresh and in season

If holiday shopping has you stressed, the Larchmont, at 5750 Melrose Ave., is serving craft cocktails that will get you in the spirit. Head mixologist Chris Kramer is pouring seasonal drinks with an emphasis on fresh, natural ingredients.

カリフォルニアでは地スピリッツが人気!? 雑誌『HUNT』が"ワイルド"な酒造りをハント! [T-SITE LIFESTYLE]

カリフォルニアでは地スピリッツが人気!? 雑誌『HUNT』が"ワイルド"な酒造りをハント! 『HUNT(Vol.08)』(ネコ・パブリッシング 刊) 日本では地ビール(=クラフトビール)のブームが続いているが、アメリカ西海岸では地スピリッツも人気らしい。中でも「NO GMO(遺伝子組み替えされてない)」の自然派や、オーガニック系アルコール飲料が注目を集める傾向にあるとか。 ...

How We Launched a Successful Distillery

In Start Your Own Microbrewery, Distillery, or Cidery Andrew Caspary, Anthony Caspary, Henry Tarmy, and James Greenspun, Owners - Opened April 2014 , the staff of Entrepreneur Media Inc. and writer Corie Brown with Zester Daily Contributors explain how you can get started in the craft alcoholic beverage industry, whether you want to start your own microbrewery, distillery or cidery.

Ventura Spirits crafts vodka, gin from local ingredients

Located in a basement somewhere amid the grasshopper oil rigs that dot the landscape between Ventura and Ojai, the Ventura Spirits distillery is tapping into something almost as prized as Texas tea, but a lot more tasty: small-batch hooch.

Mother's Ruin gets a makeover

Gibson at Kettner Exchange Gin has always been a drink of dubious repute. Its history includes mass alcoholism, rioting, and bootlegging. Yet, add the slightest of accoutrements, the barest whisper of citrus zest, a splash of good aperitif, or a thin slice of cucumber, and "mother's ruin" transforms miraculously into a sleek, sophisticated bon vivant.

The Best American Made Vodkas You've Never Heard Of

Vodka has been around for roughly 1,200 years, give or take a century, and for most of that time it's producers have been decidedly not American- mainly Russians, Pols and Swedes. Given that vodka is the most oft-quaffed spirit in the U.S., it was only a matter of time before some industrious stateside distillers decided to muscle in on the colorless/odorless/flavorless liquor action.

12 L.A. Drinks That Must Be Experienced This Summer - Los Angeles Magazine

Bestia's I Am Sky: Ventura Spirits vodka, strawberry syrup, cucumbers, mezcal, sea salt, lemon, blue thistle and cucumber Photograph by Caroline on Crack L.A. truly is the most fun during the summer, with so many compelling options to get you out of the house: the pool parties, the al fresco dining and drinking, the outdoor movies, Cinespia.

Distillery Visit: Ventura Spirits - Rip & Tan

I was first introduced to Ventura Sprits by mixologist Sabi Khalsa when she created an inspired gimlet using their California Vodka, a spirit made using strawberries. No, not a strawberry-flavored vodka, one that is actually distilled from strawberry wine. It was so subtle and lovely - not at all syrupy or sweet - and I had to ...

How LA Bars & Restaurants Are Redefining Happy Hour

What do ladies' social clubs, the US Navy, and Prohibition all have in common? Happy hour. The phrase first came into popular usage late in the 19th century to describe gatherings for so-called "ladylike" pursuits such as book clubs and afternoon tea.

Superwheat Kernza Could Save Our Soil and Feed Us Well

Kernza's arrival has been a long time coming. The new grain variety from the Land Institute is derived from an ancient form of intermediate wheatgrass, a perennial that is actually a distant relative of wheat. And there's a widespread team of researchers hoping their work will pave the way for an entirely new form of...

What's in Gin: 13 Acclaimed Distillers Shake Things Up

Whats In Gin 13 Acclaimed Distillers Shake Things Up

Ventura distillers make vodka -- from local strawberries

Make vodka from strawberries? No one does that, says Anthony Caspary, co-founder of Ventura Spirits, a bootstrap distillery he started with his brother and two friends in the basement of an old industrial building on the western edge of Ventura. Other than the expense of the strawberries themselves, it's just too much work.

Consummate Connoisseur: Spirits of California - CSQ | Magazine, Events, Community

California has long been home to some of the nation's best craft breweries including Sierra Nevada, Stone, and Ballast Point among others. But recently, a crop of spirited entrepreneurs are turning their attention to a new frontier: craft distilling. Recent legal cases against Tito's Vodka, Maker's Mark, and Jim Beam have brought the practice of ...

California Spirit: Part I

California has long been home to some of the nation's best craft breweries including Sierra Nevada, Stone and Ballast Point among others. But recently, a crop of of spirited entrepreneurs are turning their attention to a new frontier: craft distilling.

Mandarin love

January 29, 2015 · 2:04 am WHAT COULD BE MORE APPEALING in winter than the brightly glowing, highly fragrant little orange globes called mandarins? They come in various sizes, some with seeds and some without, some noted for their juiciness and others for their easy-to-peel "zipper" skins - and the best of them with a vivacious flavor and lively balance of tart and sweet.


Farm-to-Table in Ojai | Foodie Road Trip - Orange Coast

Ojai is such an enchanted, beguiling village and such an easy trek that I'm shocked at how few of us in Orange County have ever visited or even know this hamlet exists. This makes it a top choice for foodies craving something new. The Chumash were perhaps the first to appreciate this lush coastal valley's ...

Craft Culture- Ventana Monthly

Celebrating life in Ventura County: Ventana Monthly magazine, a window into your world.

5 O'Clock Somewhere

We call this week between the holidays a short reprieve, for soon we're hitting the nog again, this time while wearing festive hats. It's also a time for us to look back on the year past, to reminisce on the good and the tasty, and boy what a year it's been in the VC.


Ventura Spirits Co. Breaks New Ground

Poised to release its first three products, the Ventura Spirits Co. is breaking new ground in small-batch distilling. Its Wilder Gin is distilled with native plants harvested in Southern California. Its prickly pear spirit, called Opuntia, is the only one of its kind available domestically.