Wilder Gin Cocktail Kit

Wilder Gin Cocktail Kit

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We've crammed a lot of Ventura County into one box to help you create a terroir driven version of a classic cocktail. The sage forward notes of our Wilder Gin meets Ventura’s Sunshine Honey and Pixies and Lemons from Churchill Orchards in Ojai.

This kit includes:

1 x 750mL bottle of Wilder Gin

1 x 12oz jar of Ventura Sunshine Honey 

2 x 150mL bottles of East Imperial Imperial Superior Soda

4 Fresh Pixie Tangerines

4 Fresh Lemons

Recipe (Each kit makes at least 8 Cocktails):

  • 2 oz. Wilder Gin

  • .5 oz. Lemon Juice (app. ½ lemon)

  • .5 oz Pixie Mandarin Juice (app. ½ Pixie)

  • .5 oz Honey Syrup*

  • .5 oz Soda Water

Pour Wilder, Lemon Juice, Pixie Juice and Honey Syrup into a shaker tin or mason jar with ice.  Shake vigorously and strain (double strain if you have a mesh or tea strainer) into your favorite martini or wine glass.  Top with Soda water.
Garnish with a Pixie Mandarin Wheel.
*Honey Syrup - Combine 2 parts Sunshine Honey with one part hot water and stir until completely integrated.  This will allow the syrup to mix into the cocktail without sticking to this ice.  We are doing a 2-1 rather than a 1-1 ratio to adjust for the addition of effervescence in the form of soda water. 

*PLEASE NOTE* Because we use fresh citrus, these kits ship every Thursday for Friday delivery. Pickups are available every Thursday through Sunday. Thanks!