A New Wave of Spirits Is Good for the Planet

The spirits industry is keen to position itself as sustainable. But a bottleof alcohol made via a solar-powered distillation process doesn't undo the fact that all the raw materials for that drink were grown, harvested, and trucked to the distillery, turned into liquor, and then, finally, hauled away to the store.

"The Plants Told Us They Were Ready" - The Land and the Liquid in Southern California - Good Beer Hunting

"We were hobbyists for a long time. Two of us were distilling in our parents' garage since probably high school." "What kind of stuff were you guys making?" "Nothing good." Much has changed since the days when Anthony Caspary and his brother, Andrew, were brewing up Nothing Good just for the fun of it.

10 Great Sipping Spirits That Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Perhaps one of the biggest bummers of recent times in the temporary halt on enjoying a fine beverage inside a tent or around a campfire in your favorite forest or campground. Fear not, though. Even if you're stuck inside a minuscule, big-city apartment, there are a variety of spirits out there that can bring the taste and aroma of the great outdoors inside.